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Research and evidence in community care.


The community care sector is often seen as being research poor in terms of evidence that informs policy or indeed, funding. It has not, however, prevented the introduction of what many see as top-down regulatory responses that impose high costs into the sector.

The future for community care, particularly in aged care, will need to address the questions of evidence that support organisation structure and service provision, retention and growth of an appropriately qualified workforce and sustainable funding models.

Highlighting the role of research is vital to inform policymaking, strategic planning and service delivery. Of equal importance and pivotal in developments that shape the future will be the continuation of open and frank dialogue between the key stakeholders in the sector.

Community Options Australia is committed to working with its network of service providers to deliver efficient and timely care. With the ability to coordinate that care and develop innovative ways to assist the needs of its client.

Community Options Australia will work closely with the network and engage with research consultants to develop a strategic platform to support the needs of clients and the sector.

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